Nakia Secrest Headshot - Purple.jpg

Obsessed with psychology, astrology, global and inter-dimensional travel, Haitian-American actress / writer Nakia Secrest (SAG-AFTRA-AEA) is lucky to be alive. After a bad car accident left her comatose, she relearned basic functions with hyper-awareness for life's nuanced beauties and difficulties. The experience attracted her to story-telling in all forms.

Working in international stage, television and film since 2002, Nakia's guest and co-starring roles in shows such as Modern Family, Scandal, C.S.I. NY, and Two and a Half Men have earned her rich acclaim; so too have her performances in 7 Rounds (Cannes) and The Perfect Sacrifice (voted one of the top three films to see by NBC Comcast Universal). She additionally starred in the viral "Girl Goes Psycho during Makeup Tutorial" video, which hit several million views and spawned its own subculture.

Nakia lives in California with her husband, Mr. Christmas (obviously the best synchronic love story ever), and two young playful, sticker-loving children. She is currently training for the Multi-tasking Mommy Olympics whilst in pre-production with an award-winning director on her third writing project, shooting a national commercial, pitching her whimsical children’s book series, and editing her humorous self-help mommy book. You can catch her most nights binging Smartfood popcorn like an addict, snuggled on the couch trying to stay awake till 10pm, a key--and delicious!--component of her training.